Landscaping Services

Landscaping and Lawn Care Services in Santa Maria and Nipomo

Cal-Pacific Landscape provides a variety of landscaping and lawn care services to maximize your curb appeal. Having a dedicated company provide lawn services to your home will keep your home looking amazing without having to worry about spending time and energy on doing it yourself. To add, maintaining heavy and pricy equipment to do the work is a hassle of its own. Besides, why go through the stress of taking care of your yard when a reliable landscape company that can do it for you?

That’s where Cal-Pacific Landscape comes in. We won’t treat your home like “just another job”. We give every home, yard, lawn, and shrub the attention to detail and service it needs to make it as beautiful and well-kept possible.

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Landscape Maintenance and Installation

Reach out to us to find out more about the Landscape Maintenance and Landscape Installation services we offer. Whether it’s a small home, big home, or local business, we do landscape maintenance and installations and lawn care services for any size project.¬†

Landscaping Services We Offer 

Landscaping services in Nipomo and Santa Maria

Landscaping Services

Lawn Care Services Matter

Over time, if you’re not careful, a lawn and yard can degrade. In contrast, with proper care and maintenance, that same lawn will shine. That being said, it takes a lot of work and the proper setup to make this happen. Our customers love that we do this for them because it means their home or business looks presentable and they no longer have to worry about the landscaping. When it’s us, it’s in good hands

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